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Removing the Blinders

Friday, January 25th, 2008

PPC Hero’s week-long series Learn How To Think and Search Like Your Customers is worth a read, particularly Wednesday’s feature on using reporting and analytics to understand your prospects. Keeping an eye on what keywords perform best in your PPC searches is a great way to see where to focus your efforts and where to cut the fat. In addition, taking the time to review search terms from organic searches teaches you a lot about how your customers view your service or industry. Once visitors arrive at your site, monitoring activity can show you if they converted to prospects. If the majority are not, you may need to re-think your landing page design or the item you’re offering prospects upon completion (white paper, demo, etc).

Overall, the series serves as a wake-up call to marketers - what’s most important is what your target customers view you as, not the way you view yourself. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision. Examine how your campaigns are performing and use that knowledge to cater to potential prospects; They will feel like you understand them and you’ll reap the benefits.