Email Subscribers Aren’t Educated on Managing Emails

Chad White at Email Insider reports on a panel from this past week’s Email Insider Summit in which mothers and college students were grilled on their email habits. Though it was geared toward B2C emails, the results are likely the same for many busy B2B users who are flooded with emails from a white paper or newsletter they requested years ago.

Feedback showed that people have trouble deciding when to delete, unsubscribe or mark an email as spam. It was also expressed that readers make little distinction between unsolicited emails and emails they signed up for, treating them all the same once they grew tired of the content. 

Earlier this year, the Email Experience Council decided to launch a Consumer Education Roundtable with the goal of creating a consumer website that would educate email users on how to get the most out of their email experience. This site will help consumers take back control of their inbox and teach them the appropriate way to manage to email communications, aiming to solve some of the concerns expressed at the summit. 

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